About Alodia Yap

She immerses herself in the profound world of art. That is where life elements invite refreshed interpretations, absorbing souls to limitless wonders. What is art? Are there limits to art? Why does she choose to get lost in its adventures? Arts invite individuals to contribute their personal experiences to what’s existing. When individuals deepen and enrich the meanings of arts, arts will return the favor in ways unthinkable to us. How unthinkable? Read Alodia. She understands.

Photo Portrait Artist Profile Alodia Yap Seniman Indonesia Perempuan Illustrator

Painting has taken her to countless adventures every time the brush and the paper touch, every time colors meet and mix. Every adventure is a new one, renewing the previous ones, making them evergreen.

She’s speeding up with clear destinations: limitless creative adventures, where the kindest people are, ready to polish the current version of her.
She’s ready for collaborations.

Alodia Yap is a visual artist based in Salatiga, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. Living in an idyllic small town, she created art to introduce her art to a broader community. She works in many mediums, started painting in 2013 and has been involved in the Indonesia graffiti scene by creating murals on the streets since 2015 and is rightly in love with the challenge and network. Her art is a movement and celebration of expression. A memento of the life of herself, inspired by the story and experiences of her personal life.

Contact Alodia Yap on alodiayap@gmail.com